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Oyster Extract and Testosterone

As we’ve mentioned over in our zinc article, Oysters are the richest food source of it being 78% zinc. That means they’re great for boosting your testosterone.

Not only that they also contain an assortment of vitamins and amino acids and all 59 trace elements the body requires which also helps towards optimizing your gains.

Now this isn’t a dish we’d expect you to downing on a daily basis – it’s expensive, and hard to come by. So to make matters easier for you we’ve put 100mg of Oyster Extract in each daily serving of TestoFuel.

Supplementing this nutrient is one of the best ways to:

  • Boost Testosterone – Increase production of the male hormone
  • Enhance Libido – Strengthens sex performance and confidence
  • Heighten Immunity – Prevents against illness

On top of this Oyster Extract can also help towards blood circulation and volume due to the large amount of iron in the product. It helps with the production of red blood cells which will increase nutrient flow and give you noticeably bigger pumps.

Why you need Oyster Extract in your diet

As we’ve already covered, adding Oyster Extract to your diet benefits your muscle building experience multiple ways, as well as being a potent aphrodisiac that’ll also spice up your sex life.

It’s essentially a testosterone booster, multivitamin, amino acid profile and mineral supplement all rolled into one – with numerous studies that vouch for it’s effectiveness.

For the zinc side of things, there’s numerous cases of supplementation raising testosterone levels. One 4 week study [1] that involved elite wrestlers found that 3mg/kg body weight of zinc, led to increased concentrations of testosterone and enhanced physical performances.

Another study [2] that supports zinc’s benefits involved 57 high level football players. After supplementing zinc for a period of 8 weeks, both the testosterone levels and the muscle mass of the subjects greatly improved.

In terms of the other benefits, a Japanese study in 2009 [3] showed that the wide range of nutrients packed into Oyster extract can help improve mood, liver function, depression, immunity and even IQ.oyster-testosterone

The Best Place you can get it

We don’t expect you to buy in oysters every day to get your fix of the good stuff – it’s expensive and time consuming. To make things easier we’ve included 100mg of Oyster Extract in every daily serving of TestoFuel.

This gives you a good supply of zinc, along with any other nutrients you may be missing from your diet.

Combined with the complete range of ingredients offered in TestoFuel, your testosterone levels we’ll skyrocket and you’ll start seeing the results you deserve at a much faster rate.


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