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It's a great feeling when you can finally see the results of your training routine, diet and nutrition, finally coming together. When you look in the mirror, check the tape measure or scales and see real results.

Anabolic Support Complex

Of course, everyone has different goals and it depends where you are now and where you want to get to! But if it involves muscular growth... you'll soon see and feel the difference testosterone can make to your body.

You can read about the experiences of others using TestoFuel right here

Nicholas, Indiana USA USA
Nicholas before using TestoFuel
Nicholas after using TestoFuel

"I have been taking Testofuel for about two months now. Before testofuel I would spend hours at the gym day after day, striving to get results that just wouldn't come. After a few months at the gym I started to get really down, and began feeling as though I would never make any progress. I was still just as skinny as I had always been. During that time period I had tried numerous workout supplements and different types of testosterone boosters, with very minimal effects.

That's when I started searching online for any information as to why I couldn't build, and that's when I found Testofuel. I saw a lot of positive reviews and commentaries about it so I figured why not, I got nothing to lose - and boy was I glad I gave it a shot.

In the two months I've been taking Testofuel I've gotten results like I never thought possible. I can lift more then I ever imagined myself doing, and my body's finally looking good. On top of all that, the confidence boost I get from Testofuel is wonderful. Not only do I look better but I feel better.

Now I can walk on the beach in the summer with my shirt off, now I can go to the gym and not be embarrassed because women out-lift me. This product has a been a lifesaver for me and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to build more muscle or even people who just want a confidence boost."

Pierre, France France
Pierre before using TestoFuel
Pierre after using TestoFuel

"My name is Pierre, I am 24 and decided to try out TestoFuel for 4 months. I'll be lying to you by saying you will put on 10kg in a couple of weeks and double your personal best on bench press because of one simple reason: they are not steroids. With that being said, they are the best natural supplements I have tried out so far, I went from 88kg to 93.5kg in 4 months. It may not appear like such drastic change for those whom aren’t familiar with bodybuilding but trust me (or don't and just Google it), packing on muscle is a slow process (a bit faster at the very beginning though)...

Along with good diet and regular training, TestoFuel made me gain 5kg in only 4 month! Therefore I recommend that product to everyone, and not just simply for muscle gains, the increase in testosterone improved my libido and my mood.

On top of that, and here I do not claim that testofuel is the reason why that happened but it is scientifically proven that a healthy high level of testosterone improves chances of being able to conceive and, well, we decided to get pregnant in November with my wife, and on November 21st it did happen, so even if this supplement might have nothing to do with it, it is at least a happy coincidence :)!

I am not disappointed at all by this product and will continue to take it."

Luke, Australia Australia
Luke before using TestoFuel
Luke after using TestoFuel

"Gday from down under! I ordered testofuel online because it was the only testosterone booster that I didn't see a bad review for, and I absolutely agree with all reviews I read.

I have used testofuel for a month and I started to feel the supplement working within two weeks of using it. I felt more energetic, physically and mentally stronger while doing my training.

I also felt my appetite grow while taking testofuel and you can see from my photos, it's means MORE MUSCLE! I have recommended testofuel to my friends and fellow gym goers and I will definitely continue to use it.

I recommend using testofuel because it WILL give you the extra edge!"

Mark, London UK UK
Mark before using TestoFuel
Mark after using TestoFuel

"Six months ago I went to buy trousers for work, whilst in the changing room trying on a size 44 waist remembering I used to be a 36 waist I realized how over weight I had become. Looking in the mirror was losing count how many chins I had gained. I used to be so active 15 years before in sport that I never really had a weight problem.

I got home and decided to find a gym that suited my needs. But this is not about the gym, this is about a product I found that suited my needs. You get loads of write ups of supplements from guys that are younger so I was nervous in trying something at my age being 53.

Don't get me wrong it's not that old but I needed something that worked for me. At 6 ft 4 it needs something quite strong to set me up. Was nervous of getting creatine as there are so many different opinions about it.

I tried a ZMA which I looked up and tried after being at gym for two months hoping it would help. I tried it for a month and half and didn't get the results that I wanted and didn't feel any effects whatsoever. Then someone told me about Testofuel and looked it up saw the testimonials on the site and started thinking that maybe I should just give it a bash.

Was benching around 80kg before starting with testofuel and doing up to 8 reps with that weight. Now after 3 months on the programme I am benching 140kgs. Am training to total failure but the recovery time is unreal. Waist wise I have gone from a 44 to a tight 36, lose 38 depends on the trousers. I sleep so much better and it has improved my marriage in the bedroom ( which I won't go into ).

Weirdest thing I haven't even really started dieting yet which I will start in April this year as summer gets into full bloom. I in fact eat more but obviously less rubbish.

You can keep track of my progress on my twitter account MarkHGrainger.

Do I recommend this product?

For sure it took me way past my plateau I'm still getting stronger. I weighed 113kg when I started went right down and now increased to 118kg. I have one chap on it from work and he is making a lot of progress and swears by it. It's not a gimmick, trust me."

Dominic, Utah USA USA

"When I first started taking TestoFuel I was skeptical just like most people, but within the first week I felt the system working. I was much more active and motivated to hit the gym, and because the results were there I head the mentality to keep going to the gym again and again.

I was able to see surprising results within a week, and a month later I'm feeling amazing and looking very close to my goal.

I would recommend these to anybody looking for a new body to even a lifestyle change."

Testo Fuel Anabolic Support Complex
Dan, Preston UK UK
Dan before using TestoFuel
Dan after using TestoFuel

"I started taking TestoFuel to see if it could aid my progress in the gym hoping to see visual results. I have now been taking the supplement for over a month now and I am extremely pleased with the results to date.

After around two weeks of taking 4 pills a day, I felt naturally more strength in the gym. Without initially realising, my sessions in the gym were lasting longer and each set on an exercise I found that I was pushing myself a lot harder and could really focus on the muscle group in question.

Pushing the amount of repetitions to the limit. Where traditionally my gym sessions were lasting roughly 45 minutes to an hour, they are now only coming to an end after 1.5 - 2 hours. (this would easily be longer if it wasn't for work/ financial commitments).

Because I am considered to be a 'hard gainer' I am very glad that the TestoFuel pills seem to have had an impact on my appetite, combined with my diet I am eating larger portions and eating more regularly throughout the day.

TestoFuel also has had a positive effect on my sleeping pattern- I feel more able to get a good restful night sleep. This helps me to have more energy overall when I wake up each day. This obviously leads to further positive outcomes such as dedication to making money, organising my priorities and focusing on important goals- in and out of the gym. I would definitely recommend these pills to anyone looking to get the most from their time in the gym and make overall personal improvements!" 

David, Massachusetts USA USA
David before using TestoFuel
David after using TestoFuel

"I have tried a few different test boosters from major companies and this is by far the best I have had. With any supplement it takes time to start working and I noticed the effects after the first few weeks. With Testofuel I noticed my energy increased as well as my overall performance in the gym. I noticed an increase in my appetite, which was nice because I have a hard time putting on weight. One thing that I loved about this supplement is that I always wanted to workout. It really put me in the right mental state to work hard and increase the intensity. I found that most days I would end up at the gym multiple times. I never had to worry about having motivation to go to the gym.

I try not to judge supplements solely on the physical gains, but the overall experience. I work in a hospital and have to work long and early shifts. I found that I had more energy during the day and have an overall better aura. I found myself in better moods and an increase in confidence. That being said, I also noticed good physical gains with this product and will continue to use it.

As for side effects of the product, I didn't experience anything that I would consider bad. I never had any anger issues that sometimes happen with test boosters nor did I have any breakouts with acne. I did see an increase in my sex drive, which is a good/bad thing depending on your circumstances.

I would 100% recommend this product to anyone who is interested in increasing performance in the gym. My only advice would be to make sure to follow the instructions on dosage; it is never a good idea to play around with this kind of stuff. If you want to increase muscle size it takes a lot of time and dedication. Make sure you have enough water, try to eat as clean as possible and work hard at the gym. No supplement is a magic pill, but if you put the effort in Testofuel will deliver an amazing experience."

Jordan, USA - Hard Gainer USA
Date: July 1st 2013
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 170
Bodyfat: 10.2%
Lean Weight: 152.66
Jordan before using TestoFuel
Date: October 1st 2013
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 185
Bodyfat: 11.3%
Lean Weight: 164.005
Jordan after using TestoFuel

"I have been working out on and off for the past year or so, only during the school year. I wanted to try to speed my results up while staying safe and natural.

I had never taken a testosterone booster before, and I heard good reviews on TestoFuel without any negative side effects, so I decided to give it a try. TestoFuel has a very solid lineup of ingredients that have all been proven to increase free testosterone.

For the first week, I felt an increase in energy during the day, and focus and endurance during my workouts.

After the first week, I started seeing strength gains, especially on major compound lifts like squats, deadlifts, dumbbell bench press, and military press.

After 3 months, I gained 15 pounds. My body fat (measured through a Omrom handheld body fat analysis) went from 10.2% to 11.3%. After doing the math, this shows I gained about 12 pounds of lean weight, give or take a pound or two for error.

This weight gain surprised me because usually when I gain wait, I appear to be bloated and packing on fat as well. With this product, I was gaining weight but also started to see more definition and vascularity. This product also provided me with an increased sex drive and confidence.

I highly recommend this product to anyone who is devoted to a consistent workout and a calorie surplus diet."

Look & FeelHealthier
Boost SelfConfidence
Testo Fuel Anabolic Support Complex
Jonatan, Brazil Brazil
Jonatan before using TestoFuel
Jonatan after using TestoFuel

"I'm using Testofuel for over 2 months now and just ordered a couple more boxes. I did realize great changes in my body and other people did too. It feels good to be in better shape and see that others see the same! I feel and look stronger and leaner.

Plus, it makes me feel more alert during the day while doing my daily tasks. It's a really satisfying result!"

Charlie, Cumbria UK UK
Charlie before using TestoFuel
Charlie after using TestoFuel

"I just wanted to look fit, defined and ripped. I have been training for a while now but hadn't really made much progress until a month ago. My goal has never been to look 'bouncer' big, I just wanted to look fit, defined and ripped. But even though I was training hard and eating well, I couldn't seem to get much in the way of muscle.

I read a lot about training and I know the importance of testosterone, but I would never take anything like steroids, so I looked for testosterone boosting supplements.

I know someone who knows the guy who produces TestoFuel, so I went with it.

One of the things I liked is that it's capsules. I take other supplements and a shake so it was easy to add without feeling over full or sick. I noticed within a week that I felt stronger when I trained and didn't seem as tired after. Then I saw the definition coming and my muscles felt fuller.

Then, at last growth. And it feels really good knowing I can now see the results of my training.

I'm staying with it as I can definitely see and feel a difference. Pleased so far and have a feeling my gains are going to speed up, so I'll maybe send in some more pics in a month."

Anthony, Wales UK Wales
Anthony before using TestoFuel
Anthony after using TestoFuel

"Well, let me start off by saying I’ve used a few different test boosters in my time as a bodybuilder, and I’ve usually found that they don’t seem to have that much effect, I haven’t noticed much of a “boost” I can say however I have noticed a boost with testofuel, not only in strength but a push in the gym.

My training feels great right now, I go into the gym and I just have that extra push I need from them to train that little bit harder, I’m not using any pre workout supps right now and apart from protein powder the only other thing I’m using is Testofuel. I leave the gym knowing I’ve given 110% and it’s an amazing feeling.

I’ve also noticed some muscle gain which I’m happy about, I feel and look fuller like my muscle is able to hold more, which feels great! I would recommend any bodybuilder or anybody looking to increase their intensity in the gym as well as their muscle size should use this product, I was sceptical at first but I have been convinced, after checking a few online review sites to see which was the best product to buy I saw Testofuel at #1 and I can honestly say it deserves to be #1!

I haven’t noticed any side effects which are good, as some test boosters can increase spots and some even emotional side effects however I haven’t noticed anything negative from taking Testofuel.

I also chose this product as I am qualitied in nutrition so knew what to look out for in their ingredients for things that would actually benefit to test boosting and I have to say they do a great job at including the vitamins and minerals needed to increase test.

Over all I think it is a very good product and I don’t regret purchasing it, I’d recommend anyone looking for a test booster to give it a try, I’ve already recommended it to some of the guys I train and they’re loving it. For best results I recommend people combining this product with a strict diet and training schedule."

See my progress on my Facebook -"

Testo Fuel Anabolic Support Complex
Joshua Saari, USA - Model USA
Joshua before using TestoFuel
Joshua after using TestoFuel

"After completing my 2 months worth I had the six pack I've been wanting.

I was working out at the gym, 2 to 3 days a week trying my hardest to get the six pack a little more defined but I just couldn't seem to do it. I would even run and do cardio to try to get it toned that way to.

Then I heard about test fuel and I ordered 2 months worth of supply. As soon as I got in i started taking as directed. With in one week I was feeling more blood flow and better pumps.

By week 4 I could feel the product working with out me even working out, veins bulgeing a little more just through my work day and was wanting to just about pick up anything heavy I could find to just lift it!

Over all I am very satisfied with the product and after completing my 2 months worth I had the six pack I've been wanting and also gained 10 pounds of lean muscle! Thanks guys!

You can check out my fb page at Thanks!"

Mal, Australia Australia
Mal before using TestoFuel
Mal after using TestoFuel

"Testofuel is the only test booster with a money back guarantee for one works! As you can see, in 6 weeks the results speak for themselves. My six pack is popping! Thanks TestoFuel.""

Guestino - US Marine USA
Guestino before using TestoFuel
Guestino after using TestoFuel

"This product has been nothing but a miracle. I say it in that way because it has helped me tremendously in the gym. My energy levels have definitely increased to the point where I stopped taking preworkout supplements.

I was at a time where I reached the plateau mark. I wasn't able to pass my lifting marks especially on the bench press and dead lifts which were my favorite compound exercises.

In the 5 - 6 weeks I've been on testofuel I now bench 185 up from 155, my dead lift was 145 now it's increased to 225lbs.

This product is definitely paying itself off, my roommates have noticed I gained muscle and mass which is what I was aiming for.

I will continue using this product and I recommend it to anyone who wants to give it a try, it will not disappoint. Gonna be placing another order soon. I recommend buying in bulk because you save more money. Go TESTOFUEL!!!"

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Testo Fuel Anabolic Support Complex

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