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Chest Exercises to Boost Testosterone

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Having a deep, strong and shapely chest is the ‘hallmark’ of a real man. Getting jacked within this region is hard work but it doesn’t have to be difficult if you have the right guidance. A lot of people hit the gym on a Monday after the weekend, attempt to pump out four sets of heavy bench presses, incline presses and finish off with some flys! It is the same boring routine without any change. Listen up, if you are doing this routine- then you need to stop and seriously shake things up! 

Why is this the case?

To create high levels of testosterone you need to fully engage your pecs.  If they are always used in the same way,  they adapt to the movements and stop growing- it really is as simple as that! Therefore it is time to wake up your pec muscles so that you can walk around with bad boy pecs! Read on to be amazed on how quickly you can develop them! 

This article will help you to:

  • Train smarter, not harder
  • Stop the dreaded plateaus and improve size and shape
  • Work out in a way that is fun, motivational and the end product is a monster chest!

Training smart

Your chest is made up of 2 main muscles (pectoralis minor and major) but to train these effectively you should you separate your workouts into 3 regions. Each region of your chest requires different stimulation, angles of blasting and a variety exercises to maximize those gains:

  1. Upper pecs (have the bench at an incline of 35-45 degrees): perform an incline barbell press, incline dumbell press and flys, 180-degree twisting dumbell presses
  2. Middle pecs: Add some sexy moves such as pull ups and wide arm push ups. Exchange the dumbells for kettlebells, as this strategy engages more muscle fibers to prevent the KB from hanging below your hands.
  3. Lower pecs (have the bench at a decline of 35-45 degrees): Try forward leaning dips, as this target the lower pecs and triceps.

Reps and sets

When performing ‘presses’ use a heavy weight (65%- 85% 1RM) and for the flys use a lighter weight (40-50% 1RM). This will help you to work out your rep range for each set:

  • Heavyweight = low range (4-6 reps)
  • Lifter weight= higher range (8-10 reps)
  • If you are going to either rep range, then simply increase the weight for each exercise. 

In terms of the number of sets, try to aim for a minimum of 3 sets per exercise. Research has shown that multiple sets are far more beneficial for increasing your testosterone levels than single sets (1). Try to give your rest intervals short between each set, as this further enhances your testosterone level and monster gains!

Use a Swiss ball

Feeling brave? If so, bin the bench and start using a Swiss ball. This changes the angle of your body when performing the lifts. Using the Swiss ball is an excellent method of engaging your core muscles by stabilizing the body when executing the exercises (2). They are cheap to buy and can be used anywhere!

Compound Versus Isolated Exercises

chest exercises

The compound moves such as the presses, push up, pull up and dips all use a high number of muscle groups. This is excellent news for boosting your testosterone levels and building new muscle tissue throughout your whole body. This strategy will give you rapid gains in both size and strength.

Training your chest muscles properly ensures that all of the upper body, shoulder and rotator cuff muscles come into play.  When performing other big lifts, you’ll feel a whole lot stronger, which again, helps you get jacked!

The isolated moves do have their place, as they help you to shape and rip up your pecs. Think of the compound lifts as the ‘hammers’ and the isolated exercises as the ‘chisels’!

Work Outs

We are now at the tasty part of the article, it is now time to put into everything into practice. Use these three workouts and you will be amazed at the results!

Upper Pecs Work Out


Sets Reps


Barbell Incline Medium Grip

3-5 4-6 45 secs

180 Degree Twisting Incline Dumbell Bench Press

3-5 4-6

45 secs

Incline Kettle Flys

3-5 8-10 45 secs


Middle Pecs Work Out


Sets Reps Rest

Kettle Flys



45 secs
Cable Flys 3-5


45 secs

Pull Ups



45 secs
Wide Arm Push Ups 3-5


45 secs


Lower Pecs Work Out

Exercises Sets Reps Rest
Decline Bench Press 3-5 4-6 45 secs
Forward Learning Dips 3-5 8-12 45 secs
Decline Kettlebell Flys 3-5 8-10 45 secs

Chest Exercises Summary

Often your chest is not growing because it is sleeping and bored of the same exercises that you are performing at the gym. Wake it back with the 3 workouts above, as these will definitely increase your pecs size and shape. The main benefit of using this type of program is that it will increase your testosterone levels and enhance your overall muscle gains.

If you want to further boost testosterone levels

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  1. Craig BW, Brown R, Everhart J. Effects of progressive resistance training on growth hormone and testosterone levels in young and elderly subjects. Mech Ageing Dev. 1989;49(2):159–169. doi: 10.1016/0047-6374(89)90099-7.