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How Deadlifts Benefit Testosterone Release

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If you’re looking for a thick, road-map back, strong, sculpted legs and an all-over better physique, chances are you’ve come across deadlifts. Arguably, the best exercise you can do for both strength and size, the deadlift works most of the muscle groups in your body and drives you closer to your desired physique.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Aside from the obvious physical advantages, deadlifts benefit testosterone release. And this article will teach you the essentials for getting the most out of the ‘King of All Lifts’.

The Link between Testosterone Release and Deadlifts

The deadlift is a classic compound multi-jointed exercise that utilizes the largest muscle groups in your body.  In terms of boosting testosterone, the deadlift recruits more muscle mass through its complex movement, this places an increased metabolic stress on your body. The end result is massive boost in your testosterone levels (1).

Many researchers have revealed that complex, compound moves such as the deadlift are:

  • A lot more demanding on the body  More effective than isolated moves like curls and extensions
  • Better for testosterone levels more than isolated moves – Lots of muscle groups used
  • Great before isolated lifts – Peaks your testosterone levels

Execute your deadlifts with plenty of volume

You need to train with some real volume when performing your deadlifts for the most benefit. In other words the more reps the better – with the sweet spot for deadlifts being around 5 reps a set.

You should be aiming for a total number of reps per set, that will maximize your testosterone levels without you feeling burnt out. For more reps, you’ve got to use less weight, but here’s why that isn’t a bad thing:

  • Multiple sets of any complex exercise are far superior at boosting testosterone than single sets
  • You should be aiming for a minimum of 4 sets of deadlifts per training session
  • A bench mark for each session should be a maximum of 25 lifts spread across 5 sets. 

Bottom Line:

Aim for 5 barbell deadlifts spread over 5 sets per training session. The 5×5 method is tried and true for increased strength, size and testosterone.

Increase your training intensity

Aside from volume, a higher intensity also works wonders for your testosterone levels. The key is explosiveness, start strong and finish strong.

Keep your eye on the amount of sets that you are performing and your work intensity, these two factors have a very close relationship. Missing out on either can slow your progress.

Here are some key tips:

  • Executing the deadlift to failure is not good practice
  • When executing the deadlift be very explosive with the barbell off the floor
  • Your rest intervals should be as short as possible (less than one minute); if you are looking to improve your gains. 

Bottom Line:

Find a happy balance with a higher intensity, shorter rest intervals between sets so that your lifting power is not reduced throughout your sets.


Lift Heavy

For the best testosterone release benefits you want to be lifting at above 80% of your 1 rep max. Lifting heavy is not a new phenomenon for boosting testosterone. Research from the 1980’s reported that heavy lifting with a low rep range boosts all of your anabolic hormones when compared to lighter lifting with a higher rep range [2].

However, never lift heavy on your barbell deadlifts until you have mastered the correct technique. Always keep your ‘form’ tight throughout the whole movement. Not doing so could lead to injuries, for both your joints, and your muscles.

Bottom Line:

Find the right weight to lift, you should aim to lift heavy (>80% 1RM) after you have mastered the correct technique. This is key to working all the muscles evenly, increasing your hormonal levels and bringing out that killer physique.

How to perform the barbell deadlift properly:

  1. The barbell should be located over the center of your feet
  2. Your feet should be slightly less than shoulder width apart
  3. Bend at the hip and grip the at shoulder width apart
  4. Your knees should be inside of your elbows
  5. Use an alternative grip and grip the barbell very tight
  6. Pull your shoulder blades together
  7. Take a large breath, lower your hips and flex your knees
  8. The barbell should make slight contact with your shins
  9. Keep you head up and focus on an object in front of you
  10. Keep your chest up and your back slightly arched
  11. Drive the weight through your heels and manoeuvre the barbell upwards
  12. Once the barbell has passed your knees, pull the barbell backwards
  13. Keep your shoulder blades protracted and drive your hips into the barbell
  14. Lower the barbell to the floor by bending at the hips and moving the barbell backwards to the floor.

General Tips to avoid injuries:

  1. Always make contact with floor with the weights in between reps
  2. Keep your should protracted throughout the whole motion of the deadlift
  3. Never roll your shoulders as this lead to a whole host of injuries
  4. Ensure that your stance is not too wide because this limits your arm’s ability to lift the barbell
  5. Never look up, as this strains your neck and causes your hips to drop
  6. Never hyper-extend your back as this can lead to hernia and lower back problems (especially if you are lifting heavy).

Deadlifts Benefit Testosterone Release Summary

Deadlifting is a compound move that boosts your testosterone levels. It is a full body exercise that uses multiple muscle groups which makes it great for strength and overall size.

However, to get the most benefit you need to train smart. Using the right volume, intensity and weight you can take your deadlifts one step further and experience notable improvements in your testosterone levels and overall training. Especially if you’re using the 5 reps – 5 sets method.

Want to gain even more testosterone?

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