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Foods That Lower Testosterone in Males

When you’re packing on serious muscle mass there are two things you should be keeping in mind; regular training and proper nutrition. That last one is a major factor, and if you’re not giving your body the right food that it needs, you’ll see a decline in your progress.

And this can even apply to Natural Foods.

But don’t panic. Brad from TestoFuel has the done the research and found your answer. This short video details the two main foods you should avoid to maximize your testosterone levels and to continue to improve your progress.

There are numerous ways these foods affect you. Here’s what Brad recommends against, and why:

Building Testosterone for Men – The Foods You Should Avoid


Sugar – Fat Gainer and Testosterone Zapper

Sugar is in more food than you think and it’s one of the worst things you can put in your body. Found in almost anything sweet such as candy, soda, and even in ‘seemingly’ healthy options like Iced Tea and cooking sauces.

Sugar causes numerous side effects, but the main issue we want to concern ourselves with here, is how it affects insulin levels.

As sugar raises blood sugar levels, our body produces insulin to balance it out. Higher insulin levels increases your body’s capacity to gain fat, and lowers testosterone levels. Two things that you definitely don’t want when you’re planning for long-term gains.

foods that lower testosterone in males

Soy – Estrogenic Powerhouse

Soy is another ‘healthy’ option that has led to some ongoing controversy in the testosterone world. And the market for it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. But is it doing more harm than good?

What you have to remember with soy, is that although it is high in protein, it’s also full of phytoestrogenic properties. That means it can contribute to your body’s overall levels of estrogen – the female hormone, and you could be eating it every day.

Although it can be found in various vegetarian and vegan meals, another place you find soy is in protein shakes. Check the label of your protein powder to find out what’s used in your supplement and if it’s doing more harm than good.

Another aspect to be cautious about with protein powders is the amount of protein in the product. Recent studies have shown you don’t need as much protein as what the sports industry used to suggest, in fact, too much protein can cause a dip in your testosterone levels.

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Foods that Lower Testosterone Conclusion

Overall, when it comes to boosting testosterone, it’s not just about what you put into your body, but also what you avoid.

Sugar and Soy are prime examples of what you should be looking to avoid, or at least minimize in your diet. The long term effects these food products can have on your hormones slow-up your progress and keep you from getting the results you’ve been training so hard for.

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