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How to Get Rid of Moobs in a Month

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As a masculine man you should be strong, muscular and athletic.

Your chest should be toned, shapely and strong. You should wear it like a badge of honor.

The problem is though that as you’ve aged, you’ve noticed that those muscles have been replaced by saggy, fat breast tissue. You want a cure and you want one fast. It’s the least you deserve.

Can you really tone up your chest and get rid of your moobs in as little as a month?

In this article we give you the low down on how to turn things around and rejuvenate your torso.

What Are Moobs?

Moobs is an informal name given to a condition called gynecomastia.

The name comes from the shortened ‘man boobs’ and is characterized by fatty build up in the chest area that looks like women’s breasts.

Otherwise known as male breast or gyno, it’s both an embarrassing and uncomfortable condition that can lead to confidence issues, anxiety and depression.

With moobs you’ll likely suffer from swollen tissue around and behind your chest area and it’ll feel tender too touch.

Even when you try to tense your chest muscles, you’ll still have a flabby pad of fat there and you’ll become increasingly wary of it.

Is gynecomastia common in men?

It is. And the number of people suffering from it is on the increase too.

Current statistics suggest that as many as 65% of men have enlarged breast tissue. And small cohort studies have found that it affects both sides of the chest, but in rare cases it affects only one side [1].

Why do man boobs occur?

Developing fat over your chest can be down to something as simple as putting on a few pounds of excess fat. It can also be down to fluctuations in hormones levels too.

As a man, you have what’s called android fat distribution.

This means that when you eat a little more than you should and skip out on a few gym sessions you start to accumulate little fat deposits – specifically around your upper body.

Men have more beta receptors in their chest and belly meaning that when you put a few extra pounds on, they immediately navigate to those areas, accumulate, and give you an apple-shaped appearance.

Obese man with large gynecomastia fat tissue on his chest

Key Point: Moobs are caused by excess fat deposits and swollen breast tissue.

Gynecomastia and The Low Testosterone Link

The reason why excess fat is stored as chest or belly fat is down to the hormone testosterone.

As the primary male regulator, it controls everything from muscle mass and strength, to metabolic health and libido.

Testosterone – a natural androgen – is also responsible for promoting masculinity, and plays an important role in regulating fat distribution (hence the name android which is a derivative of androgen).

Low T promotes development of moobs

Throughout your late teens and early twenties you’re the epitome of masculinity. From your thick shoulders and square jaw, to your strong physique and assertive temperament, you’re everything you want to be.

But as you reach your thirties your androgen levels naturally begin to slope off. And this can lead to a gradual loss in masculinity if it’s not quickly corrected.

There is a well established relationship between androgen hormones and where you store body fat.

Research into low testosterone shows that as T levels fall, likelihood of gynecomastia goes up considerably [2].

Essentially, testosterone and body fat are regulated by some of the same enzymes and genes. As T level go down, fat distribution around the belly and chest goes up.

And if you think about it, that makes sense – if the hormones that make you manly start to decrease, you’ll begin to take on feminine traits such as breast tissue.

Muscular shirtless man shows off toned abs and chest on white background

Key Point: The biggest cause of gynecomastia is low testosterone. It is important to increase levels of the hormone to get rid of the problem.

How to Lose Your Moobs in a Month

The key to getting rid of your man boobs is to optimize your testosterone levels. Rather than treating the condition, you’re going to go straight in for the cause.

Essentially you’re putting the plug in the sink, rather than continuing to run more water (if that analogy works for you).

That way you can control the issue right at the root rather than continuously trying to patch things up.

#1. Reign in your calories

The development of excess fat can be controlled by regulating your food and calorie intake.

The best way to lose fat is to create an energy deficit – this means taking in less calories than you burn off through physical activity and general movement on a daily basis.

The best way to do this is by using a calorie calculator like the one at the bottom of this article, as it gives you a precise, science-based formula to give you your exact energy needs.

By achieving a calorie deficit, your brain will signal your adipose cells to open up and release the fatty acids inside to make up for the lack of incoming energy. The result is that these cells shrink, and before you know it you’ve dropped fat and moobs size.

#2. Strength training

The good thing about lifting weights is not only does it burn calories and tone your muscles, it also boosts testosterone levels too.

Focusing on completing 3-4 strength-based workouts each week will increase your metabolic rate, burn excess energy and more importantly, elevate your androgen levels.

If you’re new to weightlifting then choose a program that covers as many different muscle groups as possible and complete 3 sets of 8-15 reps. Choose a weight heavy enough to tire you out on the last rep of each set.

Pushes, pulls, deadlifts, squats and carries work really well.

You can’t target chest fat directly through exercise, but you can work your body to lose fat overall.

That said, if you want to start adding some shape and tone to your chest muscles you can throw in an extra session targeting the chest more directly if you want:

  • Bench press with a bar or dumbbells
  • Decline presses to target your lower chest
  • Cable crossovers
  • Dumbbell flyes

Again, aim to complete 3 sets of 8-15 reps. Limit your rest to really give your testosterone production a shot in the arm.

#3. Optimize testosterone through your diet

Not only can you begin to ramp up your androgen levels with exercise, you can also speed up the process with the foods and nutrients you eat.

You can stimulate your body to make more testosterone by feeding it the compounds it needs to trigger androgen manufacturing. It’s not like steroids or testosterone creams where you put synthetic hormones in your body – instead you’re harnessing the power of nature to get rid of your moobs in a month.

Foods such as eggs, oily fish and fortified milk contain the powerful steroid hormone vitamin D3 – a fat soluble substance found to naturally elevate muscle mass, endurance, heart health and of course testosterone in both athletes and untrained men.

As well as these foods, cruciferous vegetables and other dark greens, pumpkin seeds, grains, and fruits contain androgen-boosting nutrients such as magnesium, vitamin B6, and zinc.

All of these nutrients have been found to optimize energy levels, regulate energy levels and elevate natural testosterone production.

The added bonus of course is that nutrients such as these will also boost your health, wellness and longevity too – great for anyone who is conscious about looking and feeling their best.

#4. Use a testosterone booster

Maintaining a diet high in T-boosting nutrients can be tough- especially if you’re a busy guy who often needs to grab lunch at short notice.

The beauty of a testosterone booster is that it provides a simple and easy alternative to a complex diet. With a booster you don’t need to worry about the types of foods you have to eat and the optimal doses of nutrients as they are already primed for you and your hormones.

High-quality testosterone supplements contain only natural ingredients found in foods. They are much safer than synthetic compounds or medical interventions.

And they work!


Gynecomastia or man boobs can be an uncomfortable and embarrassing disorder caused by excess fat and hormonal imbalance.

Focusing on elevating your testosterone levels is the key to getting rid of moobs. Apply these tips and you’ll notice the difference in no time.


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