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Kettlebell Training and Testosterone

Let’s cut to the chase, kettlebell training will add some serious muscle mass all over your body. If you are looking for that ‘Adonis’ physique with a ‘V’ taper, then these exercises should definitely be in your armory. Many of these exercises are hardcore, this will drive your testosterone levels to a new dimension,  giving you the respect that you deserve in and out of the gym.

The additional benefits of these workouts include:

  • Working all of the major muscle groups in the body
  • Boosting all your overall body strength 
  • Improving your grip strength
  • Improving your core strength

Next steps:

Now let’s have a look at how the right exercises can boost your testosterone levels, build up your muscle mass and overall strength. It is now time for you to try something new and to jump onto the muscle gain’s train!

How does kettlebell training increase your testosterone?

As a gym junkie you know how important ‘testosterone’ is when building muscle mass – and these exercises play a huge part in this, with one session being able to up your T-levels by up to 14%! (1)  This will happen to you, as  kettlebell swings use all of the major muscle groups, this takes your testosterone to a new level. Have we got your attention now? 

They work all the back muscles

When you are banging out some bicep curls in the gym, you are only really working the ‘mirror muscles’. Unfortunately you are neglecting the back of your body (posterior kinect chain), this means that these muscles are often under trained. The back side of the body is as important to you as the front; kettlebell exercises are superb because:

  1. You will start to see back gains – Get that thick ‘roadmap’ look
  2. Improves your body’s stability – Fixes any imbalances you may have. 

The back of your body ( posterior kinetic chain) are the group of muscles that help with:

  1. Coordination
  2. Balance
  3. Power
  4. Strength

The above 4 factors are important in increasing the weight and improving your success rate on the ‘big lifts’ e.g deadlifs, squats and rows. Are you starting to see the bigger picture on the real benefits of kettle training? Big lifts= getting jacked!

Increasing your strength 

These exercises work wonders on the strength side of your routine – But how do you increase your strength with kettlebell training? Well, this can be broken down into the following steps:

  1. You’ll be able to perform more reps – The unique shape allows for more intense workouts
  2. There’ll be a surge in your strength – Perform compound lifts for a longer duration

In addition when you kettle bell train, you  increase the recruitment of your type 2 muscle fibers (fast twitch fibres). These are important in building strength, keeping you lean and on the right pathway for getting seriously jacked. Research has indicated that when we get over the age of 30, we lost up to 15% muscle mass every 10 years (2).

This is bad news! One of the main culprits is the lack of recruitment of these type 2 muscle fibers. However this can be slowed down with some high intensity, explosive exercises, especially when you perform swings and Turkish get ups (2).

Improving your grip strength 

One of the first things to buckle when you are lifting heavy, are weak wrists. All is not lost as this is an easy fix, as you will soon discover when you begin with kettle bells. How does kettle bell training improve my wrist strength? Specifically: 

  • The weight is around 6 inches outside of your wrists– develops your forearm strength
  • Thicker handle– develops your grip strength
  • Their unique design–  improves the muscle contraction in your forearms

Improves your core strength

Kettle bells are a top tool for  improving your core strength. Many of the kettle bell exercises stabilize your back, which engages your core muscles (deep abdominals, hip muscles and glutes) and this gives you the following major benefits:

  • Add strength to your back, preventing you from getting unwanted injuries (lower back pain)
  • Improving your posture, creating confidence in and out of the gym
  • Improving your success rate when performing the ‘big’ lifts.

The top 5 KB exercises to boost your testosterone levels



  1. Kick hips backwards to back of body to stretch hamstrings and engage glutes
  2. Grab KB out in front of feet with both hands
  3. The KB swing is a bending movement and not a squat
  4. Keep your chest up, hips just above knees and core tight
  5. Swing the KB with straight arms between your legs
  6. Your hip momentum should move the KB and not your arms.

Turkish Get ups

  1. Start on your back, holding a kettlebell with palms facing in & arm fully extended
  2. The leg on same side should be bent 90 degrees at knee with foot flat on floor
  3. Drive through heel of bent leg to lift up chest and hips
  4. At same time sweep other leg behind into a kneeling lunge position
  5. Keep back flat and core engaged at all times
  6. Reverse motion to get back into starting position.
  7. Keep the kettlebell facing ceiling at all times.


  1. Starting position sit back into hip, back flat and core engaged
  2.  Elbows should be driven explosively to the ceiling
  3. Avoid bringing your body up and downwards
  4. Avoid a rounded back when performing the exercise

Dead Lift High Pulls

  1. Feet slightly wider than shoulder width, push hips back and grab KB with both hands
  2. Hip slightly higher than knees, chest up and eyes forwards
  3. Drive hips and then feet into floor.
  4. The force created with hips drives KB into high row
  5. Drive elbows to ceiling, load of KB close to body & back flat at all times

Single Arm Overhead Carry

  1. Feet shoulder width apart and lift KB to the rack position.
  2. Squeeze your lats
  3. Your thumb of hand holding KB should in line with collar bone.
  4. Fully extend arm and lock elbow.
  5. Your body shape should have no curves and try to be tall & thin.
  6. Squeeze your gluts when thrusting KB above shoulder and move the KB in a vertically straight line.
  7. Go for a walk

A Basic Work Out Plan

Perform the following work out 2-3 times. You will be amazed how quickly you get jacked from working all of the major muscle groups when performing the work outs. This strategy will seriously boost your T-levels and the benefits will be there for all to see.

Exercise Time Rest
Rows 30 seconds 10 secs
Dead Lift High Pulls 30 seconds 10 secs
Turkish Get ups 30 seconds 10 secs
Swings 30 seconds 10 secs
Single Arm Overhead Carry 30 seconds 10 secs

Kettlebell Training Summary

You should be adding kettlebell into your routine, to give your work outs a real shake up. Not only do these clever exercises work all the major muscle groups in your body, they give a huge rise in your strength level, while also charging up you’re grip and core strength.

These simple tweaks to your routine will boost your T-levels, and help you smash on serious muscle mass.

To further increase your testosterone levels

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