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New Year’s Resolution Gym Crowd: Survival Guide

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Every hardcore lifter knows that the worst time of the year for training is January.

You’re bloated from the holidays, it’s cold outside and the gym is a sweat box of New Year’s resolution rookies that would rather break form and brag rather than get any actual work done.

It’s annoying and what’s worse – these people are all that stand between you and your gains.

But don’t worry, they can be beaten. You’re definitely going to outlast however long they plan on keeping this ‘new attitude’ and the gym will be back to being all yours before you know it.

In the meantime however, this is the ultimate guide to survive the New Year’s Resolution Gym Crowd for as long as you need.

New Year’s Resolution Gym Crowd: Survival Guide


If your gym is popular throughout the year, chances are it’s swamped now.

Any machine that even gets you close to a pump is going to be permanently in use by someone. Same goes for any free weights as well – if you use them, chances are they do too.

So work in with everyone.

Waiting for them to finish is just going to give the equipment up to any ‘Bro’ who asked how many sets they had left about 5 minutes ago.

Get in there first – Straight up ask that guy to work in.

It’s great way to get through your session and avoids a lot of waiting around, despite the mob. You may also end up teaching the guy a thing or two or learning something yourself.

Not only this, jumping onto your set the second your guy finishes his makes your session go a lot faster, and can actually be finished in more time than an average gym session.working-in-new-years

2. Know Your Training Inside Out

If you’re knowledgeable enough about lifting, you’ll never have to wait around for a machine.

Why? Because you know every alternative exercise.

If for some reason you can’t work in with someone – either they’re already training with someone else or if swapping over the weight every set would be too inconvenient – do an alternative exercise that works the same muscle group.

Can’t do tricep extensions right now? Do kickbacks, skull crushers or close-grip bench press.

Chances are something’s going to be available.

3. Pick Your Days Wisely

One thing that every lifter knows is that Monday is the busiest gym day of the week – and the majority of guys are definitely training chest.

The more you go your gym, you get a better feel of what muscle group get’s trained the most on which days. Mainly because you find yourself waiting for equipment more on some days than others.

Learn from this.

Once you start to see a pattern emerging start switching up your schedule. People are training chest on Monday? Train legs. etc.

The more you do this, the better chance there is of you having a smooth session with very little interruptions during the busy period.

4. Early Bird Catches the Gains

This goes without saying – no matter what time of year it is, only the dedicated burst into the gym first thing in the morning.

When does your gym open? Good, go then.

If you’re gym is open 24-hours, look to get in as early as you can. A training session before work may be daunting, but it allows you to beat the rush and leaves your evening open to get more done throughout the day.

Now we know early mornings aren’t for everyone – but neither is making gains – after a month or two the New Year’s Resolution crowd will die down and you can return to your usual

5. Just Don’t Look

One of the worst things you’ll see in the New Year’s Crowd in the gym is their form.

It’s awful.

Rather than just stand their in horror, or get too agitate and have to say something about their training – just ignore them. They’ll be gone soon enough.

Let them have as little impact on your workout as possible. Wear headphones, train hard and get as much done as you possibly can.

The last thing you want is to compromise your gains just because some guy deadlifting one plate with the worst form in the world is screaming down half the gym.

Head in the game, and weight on the bar.

New Year’s Resolution Gym Crowd: Survival Guide Conclusion

If you’re planning on hammering the gym through January, we strongly recommend employing these tactics to continue to make new gains in the new year.

Out of all the points made in this article the key thing is to work in with another guy. The last thing you want to do is wait for equipment – it can go on forever.

Working in not only stops you waiting for machinery, it also speeds up your session despite how busy the gym can be.

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