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Welcome to, your ultimate resource for all things muscle-building and fitness related all on one website.

Why you’ve been referred…

Your friend has been kind enough to send you to this website for one simple reason: to make gains.

TestoFuel is more than just a supplement company, it’s a resource for becoming a better you.

On this website you can find a range of guides made by fitness professionals that will help you:

  • Build Strength and rock-hard Muscle
  • Increase Testosterone Levels
  • Improve Your Diet
  • Change the Way You Train
  • Make the Most out of every Workout

If you’re just starting off in the gym, and serious about packing on muscle, this is what you’ve been looking for.

What is TestoFuel?

TestoFuel is a market leading anabolic support complex that boosts testosterone levels by using all natural ingredients. It is the answer for anyone who finds every pound of muscle a fight to put on and maintain.

testofuel-referBy giving your body a constant supply of the correct nutrients, TestoFuel supports your hormones to:

  • Maximize your testosterone levels – Increase overall T-count
  • Increase Muscle Size and Strength – Look better and lift more
  • Improve Energy Levels and Mood – Feel more motivated and confident
  • Enhance Libido – Give your sex drive that added boost
  • Speed Up Recovery – Less soreness and more progress

If you’re looking for faster results, denser muscle mass, and everything you need to take your training to the next level, TestoFuel is your ticket to get there.

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What your friend has sent you:

Beginner's Workout Plan

Beginner Workout Plan

An introductory plan for those who are getting serious about putting on muscle. This plan offers great steps for beginners who are looking to make gains without over-training. If you’re looking for your first real taste of the lifting lifestyle this is as real as it gets.


— PDF 493KB —

What else is there for me on

TestoFuel isn’t just a supplement, it’s a resource. It’s an ever growing bank of accessible, understandable information that gives you everything you need for gaining muscle and living a healthier life.

This is place where you’ll find:

  • Nutrition Tips – What to eat, and what to avoid
  • Workouts – Training Plans and how to get the most out of a workout
  • Testosterone Boosting Methods – How to make your hormones work for yo
  • Success Stories – Motivate yourself, see what’s possible
  • Video Guides – Watch keen insights from fitness professionals

And we offer all this completely free.

Browse our site, find what you’re looking for, and make some gains. We’re all in this together.

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Looking to get Shredded?

Just finished a bulk? Want to get down to that perfect state of lean that has you looking ripped and ready?

Who doesn’t?

Instant Knockout is another supplement produced by Roar Ambition with one goal: to destroy body fat.

Endorsed by professional MMA fighters, Instant Knockout is the fist-shaped supplement you need to get fighting fit.

instant-knockut-referWith a combination of the best natural fat burning nutrients, Instant Knockout contains a range of thermogenics, energy boosters and appetite suppressants that promote:

  • Rippling, lean abs – Own that ripped six-pack
  • More definition and development – Get sculpted shoulders and more defined arms
  • Training for longer – Push harder for longer
  • Staying on your diet – Control your diet and resist temptation
  • Constantly burning calories – Ensure you have that ideal calorie deficit

You can find out more over on our sister site:

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