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Testosterone Nasal Gel: Side Effects

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When it comes to feeling good and looking your best you want to attack your lifestyle from all angles. You want to clean up your diet, dust off your gym sneakers and start to ramp up your daily activity levels.

But all of that is useless without the support of your health and hormones.

While some men choose to optimize their hormones with diet, exercise and a good testosterone booster, some opt for a testosterone nasal gel.

In this article we take a look at testosterone nasal spray.

Here’s what we cover:

  • What is testosterone nasal spray?
  • Is there any scientific research to show how effective it is – the FDA stance?
  • Are there any side effects?

Testosterone: The Key to Health and Performance

From the age of around 10 years old your testosterone levels begin to go up sharply.

All of a sudden, the concentration of this powerful androgen hormone go up from 30 ng.dL to 300-1,000 ng.dL as you hit your teens.

During your later teenage years and throughout your twenties you get to enjoy the benefits that come with optimal testosterone levels.

  • Strength and muscle mass
  • High energy, stamina and endurance
  • Relentless motivation and focus
  • Sex drive and libido through the roof

Your testosterone levels begin to fall as you age

But good things don’t always last forever – particularly if your lifestyle doesn’t support healthy hormone production.

As you reach thirty your androgen production begins to slow down – by as much as 1-2% per year.

By the age of 45, some men will only have around 60% of the testosterone production that they had as a younger man. By 60 years of age, well over half of men will suffer from the effects of clinically low T – what’s known as hypogonadism.

What’s so bad about having low T?

  • A significant increase in risk factors for metabolic, cognitive and vascular disease
  • You’ll lose muscle, strength, energy and stamina
  • Your libido and sex drive will decrease substantially
  • It’s easier to develop body fat – particularly around your belly and chest

Muscular shirtless man shows off toned abs and chest on white background

What Is Testosterone Nasal Gel?

Testosterone nasal spray is a controlled medication designed to prevent or reverse the drop in androgen levels due to medical conditions or age.

It was first approved for use in 2014.

As a nasal gel, this medication is applied directly to the nose using a dispenser pump. It is a clear, slightly yellow fluid.

The dose varies, but generally you’ll use it three times each day, in each nostril.

Testosterone nasal gel can be prescribed for both primary and secondary hypogonadism

This medication is typically prescribed to any man that suffers from hypogonadism.

  • Primary hypogonadism – Klinefelter’s syndrome, congenital testicular failure, chemotherapy or alcoholism.
  • Secondary hypogonadism – Gonadal axis hormone deficiency, tumors, trauma or low T.

For low T you’ll only be prescribed testosterone nasal gel after a blood test to verify your androgen levels.

Testosterone Nasal Gel: Are There Any Side Effects?

In the absence or low concentrations of androgen hormones, nasal gel might be given to you by your health professional.

Testosterone nasal gel is only to be used by adult men.

There are potentially severe side effects if used in children and teenagers, such as reduced bone growth and early onset of puberty.

In women, it causes hirsuteness, genital enlargement and hair loss.

Even in men, you need to know though is that it may come with a number of side effects.

  • Blocked, stuffy or runny nose
  • Nasal discomfort or congestion
  • Upper respiratory tract infection

In the event of accident over dose (which is possible if you don’t count the number of daily sprays effectively), symptoms might include:

  • Headaches, sinusitis, blurred vision or temporary blindness
  • Problems talking or slurred speach
  • Seizures or partial paralysis (particularly in one side of the body)

If any of these adverse reactions occur, you need to consult your medical professional straight away.

Clinical trial experience – side effects are common

In an FDA report on clinical outcomes, recommendations and safety [1], it was made clear that the very limited number of clinical trials don’t necessarily reflect the side effects seen in real world practice. 

If you are a man that has or does suffer from breast or prostate cancer you should avoid this medication altogether. In the medical world they refer to this as a contraindication.

When using the spray you must also avoid contact with women unless you spend time clearing up after yourself, particular if they are pregnant or breastfeeding.

This is because if the spray comes into contact with their skin it may cause harmful transdermal effects.

Man in white shirt using a nasal spray for testosterone

FDA Warns Against Testosterone Gel Use for Ageing

As a relatively new treatment, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) currently warns against “using testosterone to treat hypogonadism due solely to aging” [2].

This is because there is still a lack of convincing evidence to support that it is both effective, and that it is safe.

Current research is poorly designed and lacks reliability

The main landmark study used by manufacturers of testosterone nasal gel was published in 2016 in the journal Andrology [3].

In the clinical trial, 300 men were given three daily doses of testosterone nasal gel over a 90-day period.

While some benefits were seen, it became apparent that the methodology of the trial was poor. There was no placebo or comparative control used, which makes it difficult to assess whether those benefits were actually down to the gel or not.

There needs to be much more robust data collected before any true benefits can be evaluated.

Is There a Better Option?

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