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The Benefits of TestoFuel for Women

Men want to be athletic, strong and imposing. They want endurance, physical performance, killer arms and chiseled abs. It’s all about looking good, feeling great and being strong.

Women don’t want that though – they don’t wan’t to improve their body composition, tone their muscles or improve their endurance. Rubbish, of course they do! And that’s where TestoFuel comes in.

But will optimizing your testosterone levels make you ‘bulky’, masculine or unfeminine? No, is the simple answer. The only time that’ll happen is if your taking supra-maximal doses from steroids.

Both men and women have testosterone. It is an important regulator of both physical and mental well-being. And as a natural testosterone booster, TestoFuel can be used for men and women alike. You just need to know how it benefits you.

In this article we tell you how.

The Changing Tide – Women and The Weights Room

If you think back to the gyms of the nineties and earlier they tended to have one thing in common – a lack of females in the weights room.

But times have changed. As the benefits of weight training have become more apparent, more and more women are dropping the cardio bunny image and mixing it up with the men – and in many cases showing them how it’s done.

Gone are the days where you’d shy’d away from the barbell in fear of getting overly muscular and bulky. Instead you know all too well that weights give you the figure you’re after. One to be proud of.

More and more research is now coming out showing that females benefit massively from weight training. Resistance-based exercise helps to improve metabolic rate, improve conditioning and make muscles shapely and attractive. It shreds fat and let’s be right – it beats endless hours of running on the treadmill to burn calories.

As your body’s chemistry adapts during phases of weightlifting, many positive hormonal changes take place. And testosterone plays a big part in this.

With the shift in women’s weight training we’ve seen a big upward trend in the female T booster market. In fact, 20% of the orders we take now are currently from women. And we expect that to continue rising.

It’s about time the industry started to see the real benefits these supplements can bring women.

Why Females Need Testosterone

Many women hear the word testosterone and automatically think it’s just for men. There’s a lot of confusing information out there – testosterone makes you overly muscular, you’ll become too manly etc. In reality most of what you hear is misinformed and based on hearsay and fear.

And yes, whilst too much testosterone can cause hirsutism, acne and aggression, you’d have to have super-high levels to get anywhere near this.

Natural testosterone boosters won’t cause this to happen though – the natural ingredient profile purely gives your body the tools it needs to optimizes testosterone, leading to all of the benefits without the unwanted side effects. 

What exactly is testosterone?

Testosterone is a naturally occurring steroid hormone along with glucocorticoids and estrogen. Testosterone belongs to the androgen family of these hormones.

Women naturally produce testosterone too – from their ovaries and adrenal glands. It isn’t produced in levels anywhere near that of men though. In males you’d find between 300-1000 ng.dL whereas in women it’s around 15-70 ng.dL. That’s almost 15 times lower. It does however play an important role in body composition and libido.

Although it’s easy to think of testosterone as being a male only hormone it is essential for women too. It supports ovulation and your menstrual cycle and is an important co-factor in arousal. In fact, studies show that low testosterone females have little chance of orgasm and pretty much non-existent libidos [1].

It balances metabolic functions, helping you to regulate energy production. It gives you energy, boosts athleticism, endurance and confidence too.

Like with males, as you age your T levels naturally decline. By the age of 45 around 90% of women suffer from low T. The biggest drop occurs from age 20 to 40.

TestoFuel – A Natural Way to Optimize Testosterone

The beauty of TestoFuel is it isn’t designed just with men in mind. Its blend of natural nutrients allow testosterone to be optimized. And that means bigger, better workouts and an athletic, aesthetic physique.

In both men and women it works to help you produce more testosterone, whilst at the same time unlocking the testosterone which is bound up in your blood. This means you’ll have more available for the target tissue. The end result of course is a stronger, more athletic you.

#1. Lean muscle

Testosterone helps to control protein metabolism so more free T means more muscle. Your metabolic rate is controlled by how much lean muscle you have so as leanness increases, body fat gets torched.

Muscle is a metabolic tissue that helps your burn more calories. It does this not just during exercise but even at rest too. This of course will help you achieve the shapely, toned physique you are after. And studies have reported that when you boost very low levels of testosterone in females  – those with less than 31 ng.dL, lean muscle levels increases [2].

Remember though that even if your T levels rise and your lean mass starts to go up, you’ll just never have the potential to pack on slabs of muscle that your male counterparts have. So don’t worry about getting bulky.

#2. You’ll burn more fat and lose more weight

Testosterone levels form a key aspect of body fat regulation. Low T is associated with higher body fat, particularly around your belly.

There is a big predisposition in the overweight to have low T. Higher testosterone means more strength and muscle mass, making it not only easier for you to workout, but fight fat too. It’s an essential tool to create a healthy muscle-fat ratio.

#3. More energy

When you’re working out and you’re pushing your body to the limit you can begin to feel tired, drained and not at your best. In part this is to do with a lack of testosterone as well as its precursor androstenedione.

Optimizing hormone levels fights fatigue. The mechanisms by which it helps to give you energy are numerous but include increased nutrient absorption, increased substrate use and raised blood cell count.

#4. Regulates menstrual cycles

Although you’d associate androgens with male sexual function, testosterone plays an important role in regulating your menstrual cycle too.

And it’s no coincidence that testosterone peaks right at the time of ovulation. Higher levels of T make you more likely to have a higher sexual appetite and enjoy your sex life much, much more.

#5. Your libido will hit the roof

Many women with lower than optimal testosterone levels struggle with their sexual appetite, particularly after they reach menopause.

Your libido will be pretty much non-existent and when you do give in to to sex you probably won’t enjoy it. Increasing your testosterone will drastically boost your confidence and enjoyment in the bedroom.

Research suggests that as many as 40% of women suffer from sexual dysfunction [3] but when testosterone is brought back to life they experience both an increase in sexual activity and pleasure too.


Testosterone isn’t just a male hormone. In both sexes it helps to ramp up strength and optimize body composition. It boosts muscle mass and switches on the fat burning furnace.

As an nutrient-based supplement testosterone booster, TestoFuel takes advantage of the natural window of opportunity, harnessing your body’s ability to optimize it’s own testosterone levels, without the side effects that other supplements cause.

In combination with other with other ways to naturally increase testosterone in females you’ll be well on your way to a better body.

If you want bigger, better workouts and an athletic but toned physique then this is the product for you.


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