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NEWS: Vitamin D3 Cures DOMS?

We already know the main benefits of supplementing the Vitamin D3 hormone – healthier bones, tougher teeth, an iron immune system and testosterone levels that are through the roof – but now new evidence has surfaced showing that D3 may do even more for your body: boost muscle recovery.

You can read more about what we already know about Vitamin D3 over here.

Vitamin D3 Can Cure DOMS?

Building on earlier research scientist in the UK strongly believe supplementing Vitamin D3 may actually speed-up muscle recovery by a considerable amount. Through careful analysis of tissue sample biopsies, muscle fibers were seen regenerating and repairing themselves – triggered when D3 levels were at their highest.

The original study, carried out a few years ago in Utah’s Orthopedic Specialty Hospital [1]  monitored how the supplementation of Vitamin D3 affected muscle soreness.

28 days before inducing the soreness, participants were split into two groups, one taking 4000IU D3 a day, and another taking a placebo. The study was double blind, so neither group knew what they were taking to avoid effecting the study.

The muscle soreness was induced on a horizontal pylo-press (think a leg press with a jump). The focus was on stressing the skeletal muscles in one leg with participants performing a tough 10 sets of 10 reps of 75% body weight with 20 seconds rest in between sets.

After the exercise, subject’s overall leg strength was decreased on average by 20% immediately after completion.

The strength was tested again over a 24-hour period with something interesting happening to those in the Vitamin D3 group – they had nearly recovered.

Vitamin D3: The Results

Amazingly, those who had taken D3 for almost a month before using the horizontal pylo-press saw their strength climb back up 8% within 24 hours of the workout. That’s almost a 50% recovery, and far more significant than those on the placebo saw.

With the news that oral supplementation of D3 can lead to regeneration and repair of muscle fibers, there’s hope that this treatment could be further explored to help with not just recovery from training, but also from injuries.

Further research is being done to see just how many benefits this hormone holds, but one thing’s for sure – if you’re not supplementing Vitamin D3 – You definitely should be.

Best way to supplement Vitamin D3

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[1] Barker T., Schneider ED., Dixon BM., Henriksen VT., Weaver LK.. Supplemental vitamin D enhances the recovery in peak isometric force shortly after intense exercise. Nutr Metab (Lond) 2013; 10:69; PMID:24313936