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Zinc and Testosterone

When it comes to boosting your testosterone, Zinc is ‘the’ mineral  you want to be getting enough of.

There’s an estimated 2 billion people in the world with a zinc deficiency [1] – make sure you’re not one of them!

Supplementing zinc offers your body, and your gains a whole host of benefits including:

  • Boosted Testosterone – Proven to raise T-Levels
  • More Fat Loss – Combats fat oxidation and reduces storage of it
  • Improved Energy Levels – Better digestion and absorption of food
  • Better Mood – Proven to help treat depression

It’s also a great anti-oxidant that helps strengthen the immune system and fight against acne.

This mineral gives you nothing but benefits and it is your ticket to making more gains, far faster.

Zinc is used for the processes in the brain that create the luteinzing hormone – the hormone that helps create testosterone and growth hormone [2].

Without enough of this mineral in the bloodstream testosterone levels are depleted and it can even facilitate fat gain, with there being a proven link between a deficiency and obesity [3].

Why you should be supplementing Zinc

This mineral crops up a lot in your diet, however, whether you get enough of it is a totally different story.

Your best option for a food that is high in zinc are definitely oysters, which have are made up of around 78% of the stuff. However, not all of us have the money or the resources to dine on this delicacy every day so we have to look elsewhere

The next best option are red meats, like lamb or beef, however these only contain around a tenth of that amount – and this still doesn’t help anybody on a vegetarian diet.

Lastly, you could try eating more seeds, nuts or spinach. However these contain even less of the mineral. For example 100g of spinach contains 0.8mg of zinc – You would need to eat almost 2kg of the stuff to get the recommended daily value!zince-testosterone

How Zinc Benefits You

As we’ve covered, one of the main reasons you want to be adding zinc to your stack is due to it’s ability to boost testosterone levels [4] [5]. This helps towards your muscle gains, cut down on body fat [6], and even promotes energy levels.

Not only will making more gains make you happy, supplementing zinc can actually brighten your mood. Numerous studies have linked the nutrient to effectively treating depression and lowering feelings of aggression [7] [8] [9].

On top of all of this, there is evidence that zinc has been linked to cutting down you sick days with those who supplement the mineral having a naturally stronger immunity [10].

What you should do next

In TestoFuel we’ve done our part to give your gains the help they need, by providing each daily serving of TestoFuel with 10mg of the mineral.

In addition, we’ve also included 100mg of Oyster Extract, which not only contains a large amount of zinc, but it also includes a combination of various vitamins and amino acids to give you that extra lift.


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