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Becoming an Alpha Male: Eye Contact 101

Alpha Male Eye Contact is possibly one of the best tools to becoming a leader.

It is an intensely powerful way to express your thoughts and feelings without saying a word and the ultimate weapon of the alpha male.

With it you can:

  • Influence – Build trust with who you’re speaking to
  • Assume Dominance – Take control of a conversation/situation
  • Convey Confidence – Show no weakness
  • Intimidate – Put fear into your opponent
  • Seduce – Build sexual tension and attraction
  • Hold Attention – Have people hang on your every word
  • And more…

There are endless ways in which you can use eye contact with others to convey whatever you desire.

However, they can also can achieve the opposite.

Beta Male Eye Contact – What to Avoid

Before learning what you should be doing – you need to know what you shouldn’t be doing.

Beta Males are shy, weak, submissive and nowhere close to leadership material – they are not alpha.beta-male-eye-contact

Here’s they’re typical eye contact behavior:

  • Never looks you directly in the eye
  • Constantly looking to sky or floor
  • Staring for too long from a distance
  • Looking away the second eye contact is made/scared of getting ‘caught’

It says a lot about a person, and it advertises vulnerability.

Don’t be one of these guys.

What you should be doing:

We’re going to cover numerous types of eye contact in this lesson, but there are two main rules you should always follow when it comes to making good eye contact.

  • Looking someone directly in the eye when speaking or listening to them
  • Hold your gaze
  • Having a mild squint, this shows focus and intensity

If you’re struggling to follow these rules, practice with someone you already feel comfortable with and work your way up to strangers.

Here are the best eye contact methods:

#1 Speaking 1-to-1

This is the type of alpha male eye contact you’ll use the most – and used whenever you have a personal conversation with one other person.

What you can use this type of eye contact for:

  • To show you’re listening
  • To influence and persuade
  • To make someone feel at ease
  • To build trust or a connection

It’s incredibly useful.

Here’s how you pull it off:

  • Look into the other person’s eyes
  • Hold your eyes with a small squint
  • Look away every now and again to show that the conversation isn’t serious
  • Nod and react to exciting news with wider eyes to show emotional investment

Done correctly you’ll appear more interested in what the other person has to say, and you’ll build more trust and influence.

#2 Conveying Power and Dominance

One of the best forms of alpha male eye contact when you’re looking to take control of a situation. Can be used in both 1-to-1’s and group conversations.alpha male eye contact power

This is best used in serious conversations, work meetings, entering a new environment, having more power over the person you’re addressing.

The benefits of this type of eye contact includes:

  • Demonstrating Value
  • Exuding Confidence
  • Taking Control and Dominance

This is how you use it:

  • Look directly into your target’s eyes and don’t break away
  • Hold your gaze with a squint, showing focus and intensity
  • When you ask someone a question, hold their gaze until you have your answer
  • When you’re in a new environment, feel out the room, don’t be afraid to meet people’s eyes

The last thing you want to do in this situation is fear getting ‘caught out’ looking someone in the eye. Be comfortable in your environment and take control.

#3 Intimidating Others

This is one of the stronger forms of eye contact, and can be used in several situations.

The best times to use this is definitely in sport with a competitor, especially if you’re:

  • Looking to scare someone
  • Wanting to shake the confidence of an opponent
  • To handle a confrontation

This is the secret to the intimidation stare:

  • Lock onto your targets gaze – don’t look away at any cost
  • Squint your eyes slightly like in the power stare
  • Lower your eye brows to convey your anger

Stay locked on to your opponent for as long as possible.

Former Heavyweight Champion boxer Mike Tyson sums it up pretty well in how he used to stare at his opponents in the build-up to a fight:

#4 Seducing Others

This is one of the more intimate forms of eye contact and another way that you can demonstrate your alpha abilities and charm the person you’re talking to.

You want to be using this technique when:

  • Creating Sexual Tension
  • Persuading Someone

It’s a powerful strategy to win favor with a love interest.

Here’s how you pull it off:

  • Gaze deeply into the eyes of who you’re speaking to
  • Squint ever so slightly
  • Glance at their lips and then back to their eyes

This suggestive from of eye contact is great for building sexual tension between you and whom you’re speaking with.

#5 Group Conversation

This is a more tricky Alpha Male Eye Contact technique to learn, but it can be

Eye contact for group conversations are slightly different and are best used for:

  • Holding the attention of multiple people at a time
  • Making group decisions and leadership

This is how you take control:

  • As you talk, slowly make eye contact with everyone in the group moving from person to person, this will everyone’s attention
  • Don’t move your gaze too quickly between each person
  • If there’s anyone you’re trying to connect with directly, hold their eye contact slightly longer

Once you get hang of giving each person in the group the ‘eye-time’ they need, they’ll be eating out of your hand.

Alpha Male Eye Contact Conclusion

Overall, there’s a lot more to being alpha than being muscular. How you look at someone and for how long, is a good way to indicate whether you’re a push over or not.

Whether or not you are alpha.

It is your ultimate weapon to convey your power, instill fear, build trust, seduce and most importantly lead.

Struggling to stay alpha?

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  • Social anxiety – Find it hard to talk to and be around new people
  • Poor muscle tone – Difficult to make progress working out
  • Low sex drive – Can’t feel ‘intimate’ with partner
  • High fat storage – Stubborn love handles and belly fat

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