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Best Foods to Eat to Build Lean Muscle and Burn Fat

When you’re ‘jacked’ there’s nothing that feels better; people respect you more, your torso takes on that perfect V-Shape and everyone gives you that ‘in-awe’ double-take.

However, there’s more that lifestyle than just hitting the weights and hoping, it takes nutrition as well – a lot of it, and it can be hard to stay on top of.

Good nutrition is the key to the ultimate goal physique and helps you attain:

  • Thick, Dense Muscle Mass – Rippling physique and sculpted frame
  • A Roaring Metabolism – Faster fat loss and clear toning and definition
  • More Energy and Stamina – Train for longer with a healthier diet
  • Optimum Hormonal Balance – Higher testosterone and faster progress

To solve this problem, TestoFuel’s Jason Sani has put together a list of the best natural foods to eat to build muscle and burn fat. Jason shows us the best foods that contain:

  • Powerful Protein – The building block of muscle
  • Clean Carbs – The top sources of energy and recovery
  • Useful Fats – The key to healthy hormone and testosterone levels

And how they all combine to create the perfect balanced diet to build lean muscle and burn any unwanted fat.

Protein to Build Lean Muscle

This is first thing Jason talks about and how important it is for building muscle. If you don’t have protein in your meal, it’s incomplete, and you’ll definitely notice the negative effects by how it slows down your recovery.

You want to make sure you always get enough protein, but don’t overdo it, Jason recommends keeping it around 1g of protein to pound of your body weight. For example a 180lb guy, needs around 180g a day for ensured muscle growth, (however from our extended research you can lower that to 0.8g/lb if needs be).chicken-breast-testofuel

What Jason recommends:

For a good source of clean and healthy protein, Jason recommends chicken breast as an option to build lean muscle. For alternative options he also suggests low fat beef or fish.

For a vegetarian option, chickpeas and beans are both good sources of healthy protein.

Healthy Fats for Testosterone Production

Whenever you start a new diet, the temptation is to keep your fat intake low as this will minimize your fat gains. This is not true.

Taking in a sufficient amount of fat is not only good for your overall health, but it’s key to promoting your testosterone levels. Various studies have shown evidence of athletes on a high fat diet, having better performance and overall higher testosterone levels than those on a low one.Foods to Eat to Build Muscle and Burn Fat

What Jason recommends:

There are plenty of ‘clean’ sources when it comes to dietary fat. One of the best nutrients Jason recommends when it comes to healthy fats are avocados and almonds.

Avocados have the added benefits of potassium and fiber (which helps with cramping and detoxifying the body), whereas almonds contain magnesium which helps promotes the free testosterone in your system.

Carbohydrates for Metabolic Energy

The last major macro Jason covers are carbohydrates. There’s always diets out there that claim that carbs are the devil, and should be stricken from your foods choices. However, carbohydrates are not just good for your progress – they’re essential. It’s just finding the right ones that’s the challenge.

Carbohydrates help with two main functions in the body; they’re a good source of energy, and they help your body recover. Complex carbs are perfect before a workout for long lasting energy.potatoes-rice-testofuel

What Jason recommends:

In terms of healthy carbohydrates Jason suggests, Sweet Potatoes, Rustic Potatoes and Brown Rice. These are complex carbs, and best to be taken pre-workout as they have a slow releasing energy to them.

Additional Advice

If you’re looking for more food to spruce up your diet and to continue to build muscle and burn fat, Jason recommends a generous amount of vegetables.

If you’re hungry, or are just in the mood for a snack, vegetables are a great supply of vitamins and minerals, while also being a top quality source of fiber. These will help strengthen your immune system, and help flush out any toxins in your body.

Foods to Eat to Build Lean Muscle and Burn Fat Summary

Overall, if you’re looking to improve your muscle mass, while still attaining that all-over leaner physique, Jason a complete balanced diet of healthy proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Missing out any one of these can lead to problems with your progress and overall development.

Protein is important for muscle mass, while fats are great for your hormonal balance giving you the testosterone to help build more muscle, and finally carbs promote energy levels before a gym session, and can also help with your recovery.

Is there anything else I can do to improve my diet?


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