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Best Vitamins and Minerals for Libido

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Testosterone makes you a man – a strong, muscular example of masculinity and assertiveness. 

Your male hormones are responsible for optimizing everything from your strength and muscle mass to your metabolic health and even your personality.

Testosterone also gets you in the mood for love too as it regulates your libido, sex drive and stamina as well as physical performance.

The problem is that if your hormone levels drop, you lose your urges. This can leave you feeling frustrated and irritable.

If you’re wanting to regain that bedroom energy, drive and vigor that you’ve lost along the way then this article is for you.

Testosterone and Your Libido

Testosterone (T) is the primary male steroid hormone that your body makes naturally.

From puberty onward you see a large spike in the amount of this androgen that your testes makes – and once in the bloodstream it is responsible for regulating and maintaining a number of masculine characteristics.

  • Muscle mass, bone mass and strength
  • Metabolic and cognitive health
  • Cardiovascular efficiency, health, stamina and endurance
  • Body composition and low fat mass
  • Mood and energy
  • Sexual traits such as sperm quality, testicular size, libido and performance

The problem is that whilst you enjoy these benefits right through to your late twenties, your early thirties see the other side of the testosterone bell curve – it begins to steadily decline by around one or two percent per year.

Low testosterone problems

If your T levels fall below the 300 ng.dL clinical threshold for normal androgen levels you’ll be diagnosed as having hypogonadism – low T.

The decline in testosterone production is so rapid that as many as 40 percent of men show side effects of reduced hormones by 45 years old [1]. And that figure increases steeply through to your 50’s and 60’s.

And when your T levels drop below the healthy, normal threshold you begin to develop a number of concerning side effects:

  • Increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, cognitive disorders and prostate issues
  • Low energy, motivation and mood
  • Higher risk of depression and anxiety
  • Loss of muscle and bone mass
  • Development of belly fat and man boobs

And it’s not just these side effects that are concerning.

Reports and case studies from the Archives of Internal Medicine [2] show that men with low T have a significantly higher risk of early death once all confounding factors have been accounted for.

The risk of early death is an astonishing 68% higher in hypogonadal men than those with normal hormone levels.

Athletic and strong man with muscles and high testosterone

The Low Testosterone and Libido Relationship

It’s pretty normal to lose interest in sex occasionally.

From time to time you might find that when your partner comes onto you you’re just not feeling it. And vice versa.

It can be common for men to find that their sex drive slows down a little as they age, but this is far more pronounced in men with lower than optimal testosterone levels.

One of the first side effects you’ll experience with low T is a loss of libido. Not just for a few days but over an extended period of time.

It’s an almost immediate consequence of your declining hormones – and something that can cause worry, frustration and potentially the breakdown in relationships.

And even if you feel the urge or passion takes over you, you might find that you struggle to ‘get the job done’ too. This is because testosterone also stimulates the receptors that trigger the release of ntiric oxide – a compound that regulates blood flow to your penis during an erection, resulting in erectile dysfunction. 

Combine this with a lack of libido and low testosterone and you’ve got a recipe for many an unfulfilled evening.

But you can improve your libido

The good news is that you can fight back. Your libido doesn’t have to remain low.

With the right lifestyle changes and taking the right care of your body you can turn the clock back to when your hormone levels were at boiling point.

Here’s how…

Fresh fruit and vegetables full of natural nutrients to boost T levels

The Best Vitamin and Minerals for Libido

Choosing the right nutrients is your primary goal when you want to elevate your libido. Without these, you just won’t enjoy the lust and sex drive you deserve.

Why? Because these nutrients can directly increase testosterone – the root of the issue.

Here are the ones you need to know about most…

#1. Fenugreek

Reduces SHBG and boosts libido

This Mediterranean herb is used frequently in Asian cuisine. It has a strong and distinct aroma and a sweet but savoury taste that is similar to celery.

Packed full of essential nutrients, fenugreek has been shown to inhibit how much of your testosterone binds to a protein called sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG).

That’s good because once your androgens are caught by SHBG they can’t be taken up and used by your tissues. It effectively imprisons it. More T in the blood means more can travel around the body.

A study from Phytoresearch [3] found that when a group of men were given fenugreek as a supplement, they reported a significant increase in testosterone levels – and as a result they experienced an 80% increase in libido. 

They also self-reported a boost in muscle strength, energy, sexual arousal and orgasm satisfaction too.

#2. Magnesium

Improves testosterone, sleep quality, athletic performance and recovery

As the forth most abundant mineral in the body, magnesium plays an important role in in a number of biological processes.

The problem is that many people are deficient in the nutrient, particularly those that regularly exercise or play sport. Not only does it support sleep quality, energy production and metabolism, it is also strongly implicated in sexual performance too.

Clinical trials show that magnesium boosts both total and free testosterone levels, even in short-term studies [4].

#3. Ginseng

A potent aphrodisiac that has a direct influence on sperm quality 

Not only does this Asian herb boost your mood and cognitive ability, ginseng is also considered a potent aphrodisiac and immune system booster too.

This nutrient directly elevates your testosterone levels, as well as luteinizing hormone – a triggering hormone that tells your testes to make more androgen when your T levels are low.

A popular men’s health and wellness supplement, ginseng has been found to be an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction in men [5]. It has also been found to improve sperm count and quality parameters too [6].

#4. Zinc

Boosts libido, sexual appetite and ramps up testosterone levels 

When you think of aphrodisiac foods you’d probably have oysters at the top of your list. They contain magnesium, iron and a range of other health-giving nutrients.

The best things about oysters though is that they are well over 70% zinc – nearly ten times the amount you’ll find in beef. And that’s why they have such a potent effect on your libido.

When a group of 20 men were given 50 mg of zinc over a 6-month period, they experienced an increase in serum testosterone as well as sperm count.

Not only that, their libido shot up and the frequency of ex with their partners went up dramatically too [7].


One of the first side effects of low testosterone is a dramatic decrease in libido, sex drive and energy. But focusing on the right nutrients is a surefire way of getting back in the saddle.

Natural testosterone boosters contain a number of essential nutrients such as fenugreek, zinc, magnesium and ginseng as a way of promoting not just libido but muscle mass, energy and your overall well-being too.

As an effective way of harnessing the power of these ingredients in a simple all-natural supplement, TestoFuel should be at the top of your list.


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