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Can Ashwagandha Boost Testosterone?

Testosterone is the prime male hormone responsible for boosting strength virility and muscle mass. The supplement industry is flooded with products promising to increase testosterone and muscle mass. Some work ... Read more »

NEWS: Vitamin D3 Cures DOMS?

We already know the main benefits of supplementing the Vitamin D3 hormone – healthier bones, tougher teeth, an iron immune system and testosterone levels that are through the roof – ... Read more »

Vitamin K2 and Testosterone

Raising your testosterone levels is one thing, but keeping them raised is another – and we can think of no better nutrient that Vitamin K2 to manage such a task. ... Read more »

Vitamin B6 and Testosterone

When you’re packing on muscle and building up your testosterone levels, it’s not all about lifting heavy and protein shakes. It’s also about having a solid nutrient profile, and hitting ... Read more »