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Best Vitamins and Minerals for Libido

Testosterone makes you a man – a strong, muscular example of masculinity and assertiveness.  Your male hormones are responsible for optimizing everything from your strength and muscle mass to your ... Read more »

How to Build Muscle Naturally

You’re here because plain and simple you want natural muscle gains. You want to develop a strong, muscular frame that showcases your athleticism. You want aesthetics that you can wear ... Read more »

Testosterone Boosting Exercises

One of the best ways to elevate your testosterone levels is through good, old-fashioned gym work. Crushing your sessions helps to reduce body fat, lay down new muscle cells and ... Read more »

What Does Gynecomastia Look Like?

Testosterone is often referred to as the fountain of youth. When your hormone levels are ticking over smoothly you feel and look better. You’re confident and muscular, assertive and healthy. ... Read more »